May 13, 2016

Well, I am officially in my TWENTIES! Wow. This past year has been a year of big changes for me and as cliche as it may sound, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the person I want to be and the life I want to live. I have recognized the importance of an intentionality after making the New Year's resolution to live with more purpose -- along with a resolution to be less klutzy (the latter has proved to be more difficult for me, oops!).

After making an effort to live a little more "unplugged," I have reinvented the way I plan to approach blogging in order to better align the way I blog with my other goals. I hope y'all will follow along as I share my travels (I am gearing up to study abroad in London beginning in September), my go-to recipes, the words I find most inspiring, and a little bit of my creative side (I am officially a declared Communication major with Studio Art and Entrepreneurship minors woot woot)!

I hope you'll find these posts interesting, but if not, no worries! This blog is all about life. Life doesn't fit into perfect little boxes and doesn't always include the picture-perfect outfit (that's not to say a girl can't try!). Life is about living and learning and while it may not always be everything we had mapped out and expected, life has proven time and time again that there SO much hope and inspiration in this world. Despite the fact there will be disappointing times, like this one (read: still working on my clumsiness issues)...

So here goes nothing! I hope you'll follow along with me as I share the bits and pieces of my crazy, awesome, confusing, perfectly imperfect life.

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