The Ultimate College Grocery List

July 29, 2015

I am so excited that I was able to downgrade my meal plan for this upcoming semester and as a result, I'll be able to cook/eat more of my own food and stop dreading re-eating the same meals every night at the dining hall (which we refer to as "the pit" at my school). Even if you do have a large meal plan, it is smart to purchase some food for your room- you'll get sick of cafeteria food quickly. Before your parents finish moving you into college and leave with their wallets in tow, make sure you drag them to the grocery store to stock up on some necessities that will last you for weeks. Here are some of the items I lived off of last year. All items are available at Target (otherwise known as a college student's Mecca).

This is the longest list, by far. I essentially live off of snacks in college. It may not be the healthiest/most balanced way to eat but when you're always on the go and your classes always seem to fall during traditional mealtimes, snacks just come in clutch.

Lazy Meals
These items satisfy late-night hunger, or those times when you're too swamped to grab dinner at the dining hall (or simply don't feeling like moving out of your bed...haha sad but sometimes true).
Not much explanation is needed for this one.

Coffee is a necessity but for me, its not the only one. I'm always sure to stay hydrated by keeping these drinks around.

Fresh Foods
It is important to make sure you're getting some nutrients and "real food" even if it may be a little expensive on a college student budget.

Here is a printable list to take with you to the store! Feel free to add and subtract to fit your tastes!

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