The Friday Five

July 31, 2015

After praying for some sunshine all summer, I can confirm that we did get sunshine this week. Lots and lots of sunshine. While I did try to spend some time outside (I spent last weekend in Vermont visiting my siblings at sleepaway camp), the air conditioning has certainly been a friend this week! Here's what I've found noteworthy this week

ONE All the Heart Eyes Emojis for Emoji Stickers
Amazon just gets me. I was browsing the "Suggested for You" section and discovered these. They are stickers of the 300 most popular emojis. Now, I've been doing a lot better about avoiding impulse buys so my brain told me "no, absolutely not." But my heart said yes. And they say you should follow your heart, right? I was a little worried I wouldn't know how to use them, but then I realized they are perfect for decorating your agenda! You can bet I've already appropriately placed the holiday stickers on their respective dates!

TWO Vermont Isn't All Log Cabins and Maple Syrup
My family has been staying at the same hotel in Vermont for years and each time we return, it feels so comfortable. The Equinox is one of the nicest hotels I've had the privilege of staying in and its not even your typical vacation destination. It is definitely fun to enjoy a President's Weekend ski trip but there is something so relaxing about Vermont in the summer. As an added bonus, Manchester (where the Equinox is located) is home to amazing outlets (including Kate Spade and J. Crew Factory) and the most delicious breakfast place on earth.

THREE The Final Rose
I don't think it was much of a surprise to anyone that Kaitlyn chose Sean on Monday's Bachelorette finale episode. I mean, she posted a snapchat story of him in her bed two months ago and it was all over the internet within hours. The proposal was cute but nothing all that exciting. If you remember, I attempted to post episode recaps on the blog and failed miserably. Something about this season just didn't do it for me, and while I watched most episode, I struggled to find anything worth sharing on the blog. While I don't judge Kaitlyn for her controversial overnight, for the sake of relatability, I am hoping next season they'll pick a classier Bachelorette...

FOUR What Do I Have in Common with This Baby Elephant?
We both really really really dislike birds. And as if I needed any more reasons to love elephants, here is the most ridiculously adorable baby elephant chasing away a flock of birds. Birds freak me out too. He's my hero.

FIVE Treehouses > Video Games

This video released by Nature Valley (yes, the granola bar company) really hit home for me. It showcases the generational differences in what we do with our free time. It really made me realize . I think it is time that we make a change in this culture consumed by technology and make sure we are not letting it take away from experiencing a genuine life. This video shines a light on how important it is to unplug from technology every once in a while and try to enjoy nature like people have done for so many years before the rise of handheld devices and cell phone addiction.

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