Royal Perfection

July 10, 2015

Kate Middleton is a walking representation of "goals." Watching her wedding on live TV before sunrise (while sipping a cup of English breakfast tea, of course) is one of my fondest memories. Kate's classic style, elegance, and grace make her a role model and fashion icon. I think this will be the next addition to my mug collection. Since George and Charlotte were added to the family, the Royals seem to get more and more perfect with every appearance. When I study abroad in London, I am making it my mission to catch a glimpse (I wouldn't mind bumping into Harry at a club either, ha)! Sidenote: my friend Betsy of The Sweet and Chic Prep is in London right now and promised to say hello to Kate for me...yay!

I am absolutely obsessed with the photos from Charlotte's christening that were just released. While Kate & Will never fail to impress the cameras, these pictures were just unbelievably stunning and I had to share.