The Obliteration Room

June 4, 2015

Yesterday a few high school friends and I went into New York City for the day to visit this amazing art exhibit at the David Zwirner gallery. Our initial intentions were largely inspired by some cool Instagrams we saw of people who had been there, however once I got there I was shocked by how much cooler it looked in person. As a studio art minor, I love all types of modern art and this gallery was no exception.Yayoi Kusama was the artist behind Give Me Love (the name of the exhibit in its entirety) and "The Obliteration Room" (the portion of the exhibit where the first two pictures are taken). Essentially, as you walk into the room, you are handed a sheet of stickers and let loose to stick them wherever you want.  The exhibit has been open for just about a month and it is almost completely covered in dots!! It is honestly breathtaking in a totally non-traditional way. There were tons of little kids at the exhibit and I couldn't stop thinking how much I would've loved to run around a room with stickers as a child. There was also the cutest old couple there too-- proof that you're never too old for stickers!! The exhibit continued into another room where there were these giant metallic peppers(?) ...not really sure what they were, also covered in dots. After taking a sculpture class last semester, I really grew an appreciation for pieces like these and thought they were so interesting and asthetically pleasing. 

The gallery also was showing these really awesome paintings, also done by Kusama. Her bold pattern and bright colors awesome.

The "Obliteration Room" exhibit ends on June 13th so if you're local to NYC, check it out ASAP!

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