meditation is the new black

June 13, 2015

When it comes to meditating, I've always been a little skeptical. Everyone has their own ways of relieving stress and meditation was something that always seemed a little "much" for me. Only recently have I really gained an appreciation for the difference a short meditation can make.  I am a person who is pretty easily stressed out. I let little things get to me and getting rid of stress in my life is something I am always working on. ("Don't sweat the small stuff" is one of the many mantras I strive to incorporate into my vocabulary!) By meditating, I find that things snap back into perspective and all nervous/stressed feelings that I have begin to vanish.

What is meditation? I think it can mean a lot of things to different people. Most importantly, despite common misconception, meditating is not tied exclusively to yoga. You can meditate anywhere, anytime. For me, one of the most important factors of meditating comes down to breathing.  By concentrating on taking slow and steady breaths, the nervous energy in your body (the reason you often get a "pit" in your stomach) begins to go back to equilibrium, calming you down and relieving stress.

It can also come from focussing on something important in order to place things back into perspective. For example, some consider Devotionals a form of prayerful meditation.

I think we all could benefit from a little calm in our life, so see if meditating is right for you (and try out a bunch of different forms of meditating!)

PS, I've been using the "Deep Sleep" app to meditate before bed for a couple years now. No lie, it literally hypnotizes you to sleep and the narrator has a cool Scottish accent. Very much worth a few dollars in the app store!