Good Morning Upper East Siders

June 6, 2015

While reading this post, feel free to imagine Kristen Bell is narrating.

Spotted: Blair Waldorf wannabe. Can she compare to the real deal? Never. Looks like Blair better keep Chuck on a tight leash before this "Blessed Brunette" steals her man.

I am a huge fan of the Gossip Girl series. Just thinking about the fact that I finished it on Netflix a few years ago gives me all the feels. As Blair Waldorf's #1 fan, its only natural that when in the Upper East Side, I visit all her go-to spots.

We started the day with cappuccinos and lemon loaf at Sarabeth's. Lonely Boy nowhere in sight.

 Next, like any true Queen Bees, we made our way to the iconic steps of the Met. (I did choose to opt out of wearing a headband.)

We popped inside to explore the latest exhibit (the hallmark of this year's Met Ball), China: Through the Looking Glass, which featured Asian-inspired fashions from the likes of Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and many more iconic names.

What's a Gossip Girl day without a trip to Laduree? I may or may not have seen Dorota in line picking up a box of Pistachio macarons for Blair!!

A little shopping on Madison Ave never hurt anybody! A quick trip to the Lilly store was a necessity.

Just like any of Manhattan's elite, we fit right in with the celebrities! Bumped into Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon and her aptly-named dog, Fluffy outside their posh pad.

You know you love me (even though this post is extremely cliche and tacky)!

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