Best Healthy Breakfasts

June 17, 2015

My mom and I have been participating in an intense five-day-a-week bootcamp for the past month and as a result have both made some major adjustments to our diets. Being the food-lover I am (the Food Network has literally been my favorite channel on TV since I was six years old), I was very apprehensive about having to switch up my go-to foods. After several weeks of adjusting my diet to eating "clean" unprocessed foods and eliminating most dairy, I am alive and willing to admit that healthy food can be delicious and filling too- though that's not to say I don't enjoy a "cheat meal" here and there.

When I was at school, I never ate breakfast. Sometimes I would grab a granola bar, but with the intense working out I've been doing early in the morning, I needed more energy. Plus, a good breakfast is what gets your metabolism going for the day.

Some foods that I have grown pretty accustomed to eating on a regular basis are veggies, egg whites, avocados, Ezekiel breads, strawberries, blueberries, almond butter and turkey bacon.

I absolutely love avocado toast. It's so filling and delicious. I use a slice (or two) of toasted Ezekiel bread, which is made from sprouted grains and easier to digest than wheat bread, and spread on mashed avocado, topping it off with sea salt and paprika. It's perfect with egg whites too to make it a little more filling. Check out my avocado toast recipe post from a few months back!

Another "toast meal" I love is Ezekiel bread topped with almond butter (I love Justin's) and sliced berries. Super simple and naturally sweet.

Finally, my last breakfast that I'll share is carb-free. I make an egg white omelette with a side of turkey bacon. I usually just toss in any veggies (especially greens) I have in the fridge and some onions for extra flavor.

Even if you're not willing to make a dramatic change in your diet, try out one of these breakfast options anyway. They're that good and I promise you won't miss your Eggo waffles too much.

Any suggestions for clean or dairy-free eating?

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