Bachelorette Recap: Episode 2

May 20, 2015

The two-night Bachelorette premiere continued last night as the chosen Bachelorette was announced and men were sent home in the season's first Rose Ceremony. Warning: spoilers below!

And the Bachelorette is....


As I said in my last recap, I am totally #teamKaitlyn so this announcement spurred a sigh of relief for me. She is so cutely excited when she gets the news from Chris Harrison

The 5 Stages Of Finding Out You're the Bachelorette



I would like to thank not only God, but Jesus.

And Chris Harrison.

Britt, on the other hand, a notorious dramatic, has never handled rejection well. She reacts initially with pure shock, then hysterics. Bless her heart.

The 6 Stages Of Finding Out You're Not the Bachelorette

Excuse me, what? I'm not the bachelorette?

I don't think you don't understand. My dad is gonna sue.

Well this puts a damper on my plans for world domination.

Chris Harrison: Bye Felicia!

What's so great about Caesar!? Brutus is just as cute! 
We should totally just stab Caesar!
When the men find out Kaitlyn won the vote, their reactions are mixed. Many of them voted for Britt and are unsure of the appropriate reaction. Jared decides to lay it on the line and be completely upfront that he voted for Britt. Of this, Kaitlyn is appreciative and says she would be upset if he hadn't told her. Uh oh, she has a lot of other men to be upset with...

Kaitlyn awards the coveted "First Impression Rose" to Shawn, the man who put a dagger in Britt's heart after exiting the limo and professing his love for: Kaitlyn.  Maybe this is Kaitlyn's way of rubbing salt in Britt's wound? Fair enough.

Then comes the Rose Ceremony. Many of the men who voted for Kaitlyn comment how unfair it is that those who voted for Britt are getting roses while others, who were there for Kaitlyn only are being sent home. I'm wondering if ABC started to realize this too. Their idea of 2 bachelorettes may not have been their brightest yet...

We say auf wiedersehen to four men. Well, five, if you count Brady, who interupts the Rose Ceremony to confess to Kaitlyn that he only has eyes for Britt. He then discusses his love connection with Chris Harrison asking if he can go see Britt. Cameras cut to a sobbing Britt in her hotel room and Chris Harrison says "yeah, I think we can make that happen." Looks like Princess Britt is getting a happy ending after all. Nice save, ABC.

Sent home are Bradley, David, Shawn E. (aka hot tub guy), and Josh (aka stripper). I'm sorry, what? Does this mean that she kept Tony? Also known as guy that talks to plants? Also known as admittedly anti-social? Also known as guy who lists his job description as healer? Yeah, not cute.

Nice going producers, you always gotta keep viewers annoyed AF at the end of every episode. Thanks a lot.

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