Finals Tips

April 30, 2015

I write this post as my attention span dwindles. Today is a reading day. Tomorrow I have two finals. You may be wondering why somebody who can't seem to focus on her own finals is offering you tips for yours. I'm wondering the same thing, but nevertheless...

I find it impossible to study unless I have had lots of coffee, a good snack and a quality playlist queued up. I highly recommend making sure you're comfortable when studying. This helps minimize distractions such as hunger, tiredness and a sore back from a hard chair.  I chose to the business school to study since it's my school's newest building (bonus, it is home to Einstein's Bros Bagels for all my coffee and bagel needs) and it has the comfiest chairs on campus by a long shot.

I highly recommend packing a "study survival kit" since you'll likely be in the same place for a while (aka all night). I brought a comfy sweatshirt, snacks, headphones, and (!!!) all my chargers.

Make sure you take breaks as I am right now. You can offer them as incentives as yourself. For example, when you finish going through a deck of flashcards successfully, allow yourself a ten minute break for checking Instagram, using the bathroom or buying more coffee.

Stay calm and organized. It can be easy to freak out when you feel overwhelmed with information to memorize but be patient with yourself. If you stay organized and focussed, you will eventually learn what you need to in order to ace your exams.

Test Day
Wake up early. To limit your pre-test stress, make sure you have plenty of time to get ready, eat a good breakfast, get coffee and review. Remember that you've done your best and give it your all. Finals are certainly important but don't work yourself up to the point of panic.

Better get back to studying... go kill it on your finals!

thanks Ry <3

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