Finals Tips

April 30, 2015

I write this post as my attention span dwindles. Today is a reading day. Tomorrow I have two finals. You may be wondering why somebody who can't seem to focus on her own finals is offering you tips for yours. I'm wondering the same thing, but nevertheless...

I find it impossible to study unless I have had lots of coffee, a good snack and a quality playlist queued up. I highly recommend making sure you're comfortable when studying. This helps minimize distractions such as hunger, tiredness and a sore back from a hard chair.  I chose to the business school to study since it's my school's newest building (bonus, it is home to Einstein's Bros Bagels for all my coffee and bagel needs) and it has the comfiest chairs on campus by a long shot.

I highly recommend packing a "study survival kit" since you'll likely be in the same place for a while (aka all night). I brought a comfy sweatshirt, snacks, headphones, and (!!!) all my chargers.

Make sure you take breaks as I am right now. You can offer them as incentives as yourself. For example, when you finish going through a deck of flashcards successfully, allow yourself a ten minute break for checking Instagram, using the bathroom or buying more coffee.

Stay calm and organized. It can be easy to freak out when you feel overwhelmed with information to memorize but be patient with yourself. If you stay organized and focussed, you will eventually learn what you need to in order to ace your exams.

Test Day
Wake up early. To limit your pre-test stress, make sure you have plenty of time to get ready, eat a good breakfast, get coffee and review. Remember that you've done your best and give it your all. Finals are certainly important but don't work yourself up to the point of panic.

Better get back to studying... go kill it on your finals!

thanks Ry <3

Handlettering Workshop with All She Wrote Notes

April 17, 2015

Last night, my friend Betsy and I took the trip up to the Moon & Lola store in Raleigh for a hand lettering (aka fake calligraphy) workshop with Maghon, the face behind All She Wrote Notes.

It was so worth the road trip. Not only is the Moon & Lola store a beautiful showroom full of jewelry, prints and all things fabulous (see bar cart/gallery wall below), but the opportunity to meet and learn from Maghon, who I've been following on Instagram for almost a year now, was amazing. She is so skilled, super sweet and had the cutest anecdotes to share throughout the class (she turns her calligraphy mistakes into confetti and lives with the motto that every day deserves to be a party! Does it get any cuter?!). 


Everyone left the workshop with a cute mini notebook from Poppin' full of alphabet doodles. I fell asleep dreaming of writing letters and I can't wait to write all over everything!

Check out All She Wrote Notes on Etsy to see the Maghon's skills for your own eyes (and purchase something quick! She's closing up shop temporarily in a few days for her wedding!).

Easter in LBK

April 16, 2015

I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Longboat Key, Florida for Easter this year. The weather could not have been better and getting to spend time with my family and one of my best friends was just what I needed in the middle of a hectic semester!

The Easter Bunny was on vacation too!
I had a lot of fun breaking out my warm weather clothes for this trip (I even got to crack open my two new pairs of Jack Rogers!), but my ultimate favorite accessory has to be this wide-brimmed straw hat from Joe Fresh!

I barely took it off the entire trip. I think it was the perfect combo of vacation and chic without making me look like too much of a tourist. It was great at the beach and to wear shopping or out to breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I had the best Belgian waffle of my life piled with strawberries at some random diner. Wish I knew the name so I could share but it would be really simple to DIY at home with a waffle maker, some fresh fruit and powdered sugar.

We went to another fantastic restaurant called Mar Vista in Longboat Key. It had the best blackened Mahi-Mahi, a mean strawberry daiquiri, and the most beautiful lit patio and dock.

It was so great to spend some quality time with my family. I have learned to appreciate them so much more since being away at school. I had so much fun taking goofy pictures with my sister (she had a sun hat too).

 My best friend Paige goes to college in Florida so she joined in on our Easter festivities, I hadn't seen her since Ireland so it was great to be reunited, if only for a few short days.

If you remember from my post on Ireland, Paige is an amazing photographer. She snapped these awesome shots of me and my family which were too pretty not to share.

Ignore my brother's expression, he's in a "too cool for posed photos" phase
Yes, I set this as the background on my computer AND my phone.
If anyone's interested in learning more about Longboat Key, let me know! Its up there as one of my favorite places on earth.

What's On Deck for Blessed Brunette!?

April 15, 2015

It has been literally forever since I've blogged. These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. I took a little blogging hiatus after losing my grandmother, the woman to whom I credit my love for writing. However, I know she'd want me to continue blogging full speed ahead and that's exactly my plan!

In the spirit of Spring Baseball (go Red Sox!!), here's what's "on deck" for Blessed Brunette!
  • Some fun photos of my Easter trip to Florida (see sneak preview on Instagram)
  • An upcoming trip to Raleigh for a calligraphy class at Moon & Lola taught by the talented Maghon of All She Wrote Notes
  • A haul of my goodies from the Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collab (in stores this Sunday!!) 
Stay tuned y'all!