10 Reasons (and Photographic Proof) You Should Catch the Next Flight to Ireland

February 8, 2015

While going through photos on my Macbook today, I realized that I never blogged about my trip to Ireland this summer. The pictures are truly too beautiful to keep all to myself so I figured I'd pull the "better late than never card" and post them today, six months late...

I'm about 70% Irish and my mom has cousins who live there which made visiting the "homeland" even cooler. Aside from my family, I brought along my best friend Paige and we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime!

Ireland is truly a one of a kind place and I believe everyone deserves a chance to visit at least once in their lifetime. I am blessed to be able to say I've been twice (the first time being when I was in middle school).

I'm so excited to share my photos from this wonderful vacation and share the beauty of Ireland with my beautiful readers!

1. The experience of landing in Ireland is unlike any other. The abundance of green land is the furthest thing from a myth. Seeing it from a bird's-eye-view was breathtaking!

2. You have an excuse to buy a new (obnoxiously bright) raincoat. It rains in Ireland a lot, but you'll get used to it. Who needs sun when you are rocking the brightest neon pink raincoat in the world?!

3. Castles, castles, and more castles. Ireland is home to over 30,000 castles (which is a heck of a lot considering Ireland is the same size as Indiana). Some are more famous than others, but they all have unique pasts. You'll feel like a princess 24/7.
3 of the seemingly infinite amount of castles we visited.
 From left, Aughnanure Castle, Ashford Castle and Dunguiare Castle
4. The Cliffs of Moher. There are few words to describe the beauty of the cliffs. Yes, they're a huge tourist attraction but they exceed the hype. I can say without a doubt that the Cliffs of Moher (which were in the town next to where I stayed while in Ireland last summer) are the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.
Our new friend the toothless accordion player and his adorable fur companion!

5. Ireland is full of charm. From the quaint cobblestone streets, to the centuries-old cottages and colorful buildings, there are endless charming finds throughout the country.
A bustling Galway street
The oldest cottage on the Aran Islands
The most difficult-to-find ice cream shop that's worth the miles of winding roads.

I found Prince Charming at Ashford Castle!
The cutest used book shop you ever saw.
6.  What do you get when you cross the Kentucky Derby with crowds of Kate Middleton look-a-likes? The Galway Races! They are held every summer and turn out masses of well-dressed people from around the UK. Who could resist the chance to feel royal for a day?

Why can't fascinators and bow hats be acceptable daily attire?
7. The Aran Islands are a group of three small beautiful islands just a ferry ride away from the mainland in which Gaelic is the native language. We visited Inis Mór for the day and had a blast exploring its rich history and rustic charm.
Standing under an awesome shipwreck
A horse-drawn carriage ride brought us down this beautiful road
An "underground church"

8. Who says green is the only color in Ireland? One of the coolest parts about Ireland is the variety of colorful buildings and cottages, painted brightly to bring some cheer to the dreary climate.
Downtown Doolin

9. Not only are Irish people extremely friendly, but so are Irish animals! From cows, to dogs to the cliche sheep, I couldn't help but snap photos of any animal I came across! They were all just too adorable.

Cow kisses are the best kind of kisses
We named this dog Lucky and he followed us for an entire day
Lucky goes for a swim!
A Lucky look-a-like!!
Yes those are real dogs. #scute

I won.
10. The sunsets in Ireland were stellar. Words can't describe their beauty but these pictures (taken right outside of the house we were staying in) will give you an idea. 

The sunset's reflection onto our house.

My trip to Ireland was an unbeatable experience. If these pictures haven't convinced you yet, feel free to ask me questions about Ireland in the comments! If I don't know the answers, I have a lot of friends and family who will!  

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this long, slightly rambling blog post! Until next time, Sláinte! 

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