I'm Baaacckk!

January 28, 2015

I am so excited to be transitioning back into blogging after taking a break for a few weeks! It has been so chaotic since I last blogged my recipe for avocado toast (sorry, strange post to leave on but  at least it was delicious!).  Let me catch you up on my hectic life!

I returned back to school a week early for sorority rush which was a craaazy experience and I'm while I'm so glad to have it behind me, I am very happy to announce that I thought Theta!! Going into recruitment, I had no idea where I would end up but I am so blessed to be a new sister of Kappa Alpha Theta. I am beyond excited to see all that sorority life has in store  (one thing I know for sure is that it'll involve lots and lots of crafting)!  You can bet the first thing I did--in true sorority girl fashion--when I got back to my room on Bid Day was make a "Throw What You Know" Pinterest board.

In addition to classes and activities with my sorority, I have lately been very busy as a blogger for bSmartGuide. If you remember, my last post was all about why Reese Witherspoon is my spirit animal. I can't wait to share my latest bSmart post with y'all **coming soon** (hint, it involves an extremely talented young artist who many of you may know!! And even better, my friend Betsy of The Sweet & Chic Prep is helping out as my trusty assistant)!

Finally, I will leave you with yet another cliff hanger. There is a BIG announcement coming tomorrow that I can't wait to share. And I'll give you a hint for this one too: it involves crafting. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the big reveal and a special offer for Blessed Brunette readers!

I hope these past couple weeks have gone smoothly for everyone!

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