Tree Huntin'

December 13, 2014

My family purchases a real Christmas tree every year. To me, fake trees are just not an option. I definitely see their benefits but there's something about the scent of fresh pine and the experience of picking out the perfectly imperfect tree that can't be beat.  Each year, we venture a couple of towns away to a "chop-your-own" tree farm and it is probably one of the things I look forward to most about the Christmas season.
Love this shot of my sister through the trees. You can't quite see her face but you can make out a smile pretty easily!
 They serve complimentary hot chocolate with candy canes out of this adorable little red shed.

 Crazy in love with my Jacqueline Bouvier bracelet by KJP!

What goes together better than tree farms and Bean Boots? 

Since we got our tree a little late this year, the chop-your-own selection was pretty limited so we ended up going with one that had just been freshly chopped by the staff.

So I guess you could call us tree huggers...? 

K sippin' on some cocoa!

There really is nothing more festive than tree shopping!! I'm officially in full-on Christmas spirit/elf mode. Off to go wrap some presents...

Merry Christmas!

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