I'm Like So Over It

December 22, 2014

Was anybody else shocked to hear about that cow in Idaho that jumped over a 6-foot fence at a butcher shop to escape his demise last week?  Turns out the poor guy went to farm animal heaven anyway-- he was shot by police after a wild goose cow chase. I know, I know, kind of depressing. But don't fret-- I have a point to make.
The cow jumping the fence ended up leading to some - believe it or not - fashion inspiration. I found this shirt online during one of J. Crew's many pre-Christmas sales for $15 and had to treat myself. Something about animals jumping fences got me feeling some kinda way.
And in the spirit of making a bold fashion statement, I picked up an equally extremely bold lip color from NYX (Electric Pink).  It's matte which has been all the rage lately in the beauty world so I figured I'd give it a chance.
Not every day is a hot-pink-lipstick-farm-animal-shirt-wearing kinda day, but there's something about the Christmas season that seems to make everyone a little wackier than average.
Sensitive person I am, I was really upset by the outcome of the cow story. I mean, the poor thing was doing the impossible. He was the superhero of the slaughterhouse. And just when you thought he beat the odds, BOOM! He gets shot! Just like that! 

But after a week of mourning this super-cow's passing, I guess you could say I'm like so over it.

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