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November 16, 2014

Whether you're Christmas shopping for friends or you're just a total impulse buyer (I openly admit to latter of the two), it's always fun to treat yourself (or a friend) to a little gift. Here are my current obsessions  under $15!

NYX Lip Butter in Creme Brûlée
I love a good lip gloss and this one is the perfect shade (and the perfect price)! I got mine from ULTA but NYX is a brand generally available at most drugstores and Target.

Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mochas
Pretty sure I haven't gone a day without a SKPM since Starbucks holiday drinks were released a few weeks ago. And in case you were wondering, I am one of those people who begins celebrating Christmas the second Halloween ends. While unfortunately online Starbucks ordering has yet to be invented, you can (temporarily) satisfy your SKPM craving by browsing these festive instagrams.

Essie Russian Roulette Nail Polish
Who doesn't love red nail polish! It's the epitome of classic - bold without any obnoxiousness. And this gorgeous shade by Essie also just so happens to be seasonally appropriate.

Benefit Cosmetics You Go Gals! Set
Currently on sale, this set is the definition of a steal. I've tried these products individually and they're all amazing for skin perfecting.

J. Crew Factory Camp Socks
I swear by these socks. They're super warm...I would equate them to insulation for your feet which is a necessity as the temperatures outside continue to drop (much to my dismay)!

Swoozie's Stadium Cups
Swoozie's is the cutest store on earth and they sell these plastic reusable stadium cups with adorable sayings. I picked up a set with "I sometimes have mixed drinks about feelings" written on them and everyone who seems them always gets a huge kick out of them!

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This lotion is a life-saver when the winter air starts to dry out your skin. Not only does it smell fantastic, but it's sold in mini tubes which would fit perfectly in a clutch or small purse.

Scotch Washi Tape
Washi tape is so convenient (especially in dorm rooms) because you can tape it on surfaces and remove it without causing any damage. Scotch has a line of washi tape with the most adorable patterns. (Pro tip: I use it to organize/decorate my Lilly agenda!)

LuEl's Boutique Wire-Wrapped Rings 
Wire-wrapped bracelets are a huge trend right now, but the rings are equally as cute. LuEl's boutique offers a large selection of rings and bracelets at super-affordable prices.

Meyer's Room Spray
Living in a musty college dorm room, room spray is not negotiable. Meyer's has a very fresh and clean scent which at least provides the illusion of a fresh and clean room.

Taylor Swift's 1989
This album has been on constant replay. T Swift has done it again, and I think this is her best pop album yet. The songs are fun and extremely unique compared to anything she's done in the past. I highly recommend it!

Laura Ashley Slippers
I wasn't a slipper girl until I got to college because I can't stand walking on the cold (often dusty) linoleum floors in my bare feet. I personally love Laura Ashley slippers because they're comfortable and pretty!

Trader Joe's Peppermint Pretzel Slims
While I stand firm in my belief that you can't go wrong with any Trader Joe's purchase, I think I died and went to heaven the first time I tried the Peppermint Pretzel Slims. They are dangerously delicious. If you don't have a store near by and are desperate enough to pay 3x the price for Amazon (which would be entirely understandable given their addictive quality), you can order them here.

Activated Charcoal Tablets
The true Pinterest person I am, I had to see what the craze was all about. I kid you not, my teeth were visibly whiter after the first time I brushed them with charcoal. I've been brushing every day for a week and I may as well have gotten them professionally whitened. Definitely worth a try!

Born Free, Now I'm Expensive Mug
This mug basically defines me, so naturally I had to purchase it on a whim at SteinMart. While SteinMart doesn't offer the mug online, you can always try to track it down at a store near you!

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