Calligraphy Crazed

May 27, 2014

I have always obsessed over handwriting but I have recently taken up a new hobby in calligraphy. But not the kind you envision when you hear the word. I don't own a feather and ink set, nor do I need one. I've discovered-- and am working on mastering-- the art of "fake" calligraphy. All the pictures you see throughout this post are of things I have created using this technique. I first came across the idea on Pinterest (where I spend 99.999% of my free time) and it involves copying calligraphic fonts and thickening  specific lines to create the effect of real calligraphy. I absolutely adore the way it looks and the charm it adds to any project or even addressing envelopes. Of course, I haven't waited for special occasions to put my new-found skills to good use! I've been doodling calligraphy just about anywhere-- and on everything (as you can see in all the pictures in this post).

Another important step to great calligraphic handwriting is using the correct writing utensil. So far I've found it nearly impossible to do with paint since that would require extremely steady hands and a whole lot of patience.  My favorite pens have actually been metallic paint pens found at Michael's -- I have silver & gold. If I'm just doodling as opposed to crafting, I like using felt-tip Papermates.

I guess you'd have to share a similar affinity for pretty handwriting to fully appreciate this post, but I have faith that pretty handwriting is just as important to some of you as it is to me :)

Here's the link to the original article that got me started on my calligraphy craze:

Don't forget, practice makes perfect!

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