Weekly Inspiration

March 31, 2014

Okay, this is legitimately the most relevant quote to my life! I even used it as my senior quote in my high school yearbook. Success does not come until you take a leap of faith. We come across a new risk every day, but there is no chance of turning these risks into reward, unless we bite the bullet. I shouldn't talk-- I hate taking risks! But that's why this quote has so much meaning to me. I end this post with a challenge: GO TAKE A RISK! You never know when it could turn into something greater than you could imagine!

xoxo, Lauren

Chai Tea Sundays

March 30, 2014

On gloomy days like today, my favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch with some chai in my favorite mug and, shamelessly, watch reality TV (I'll even go so far as to admit to watching the occasional episode of Honey Boo Boo!).

Unfortunately, March Madness has currently taken precedence over any other TV show (thanks to my brother and dad), so I've had to save my DVR'ed Real Housewives episodes for the rainy days of April! 

{not to mention, my interest in college basketball is continuously dwindling thanks to my laughable bracket!}

With the terrible weather we've been having lately, my couch potato-ness has become a regular routine, but that's not to say nothing positive has come of these lazy days. 

I've become a tea-holic!

I am and always will be a coffee-over-tea person, mainly due to my unhealthy reliance on caffeine. However, I find that tea is very soothing and relaxing, and the perfect drink when its gross outside.

If you like chai, you have to try this tea:
It's such a treat and the flavor is easily one of the most delicious teas I've tried. (I always add a packet of Truvia and a splash of Skim Plus to give it a richer flavor!)

I was always a Lipton girl but now I can't get enough of spicy chai teas!

How do you take your tea?

Obsession: Statement Necklaces

March 25, 2014

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
I'm Lauren and I'm addicted to spending exorbitant amounts of money on statement necklaces.

Hi Lauren...

As a J. Crew addict to begin with, I find it nearly impossible to leave the store without at least purchasing something. Somehow that "something" almost always seems to be one of their beautiful statement necklaces. There's no better or more lasting feeling in the world than adding on to my necklace collection!

I'm no snob-- I absolutely love finding things for a bargain! Many of my J. Crew necklaces come from the factory store and I also love scoring deals on J. Crew lookalikes on Etsy!

Here is my newest addition purchased on Saturday at the J. Crew Factory store:

Are you as addicted to statement necklaces as I am?

Weekly Inspiration

March 24, 2014

I love this quote!! I personally feel a lot of pressure to keep up a certain external appearance (don't we all?!), but it is truly so important to remember that our life on the inside is even more important!! Life is not about how we portray ourselves to the public, it is about how we feel as people on the inside.

xoxo,  Lauren

Spring Ahead!

March 21, 2014

I know I am a little behind on this, but I am still getting used to this daylight savings time change. For some reason it is a lot harder to get things done (homework, chores, etc.) when its still light outside! Despite the confusion and disillusionment that comes along with losing an hour of sleep (again, I know I should probably be adjusted by now) I am so excited that it is officially spiung!! Spring is by far my favorite month being that it is both one of the most beautiful and cheerful months of the year aaannnddd its my birthday month!!

Most of all,  I am looking forward to spring fashion! Wearing bright colors and bold patterns makes any day a little better. Here are a few of my favorite spring wardrobe items (plus a few that are still on my wishlist!):

Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Shorts

Lilly Pulitzer Robyn Dress

Loren Hope Sarra Cuff

Kendra Scott Deily Statement Earrings

What do you love about spring!? What spring trends are you looking forward to?

xoxo, Lauren

Weekly Inspiration

March 17, 2014

There is often a lot going on in our minds. We may be occupied with obligations of family, school and work, and often allow ourselves to think "Is this what I want?" Obviously there are certain responsibilities that are not necessarily desirable, but we are obligated to fulfill them anyway. This quote is an excellent reminder that we should do our best to control our thoughts and minds, so we may, subsequently have a better control on what goes on in our lives.

xoxo,  Lauren

Weekly Inspiration

March 10, 2014

SO SO true. There are so many people in need of our help and this question should always remain in our minds. Sometimes we need to step outside of ourselves and think about what we are doing to contribute to the good in the world. By making ourselves aware of how we are helping others, we can better assess how we can make a difference.

xoxo, Lauren

Weekly Inspiration

March 4, 2014

It seems like forever since I've blogged. Life has been busy (not that that's a valid excuse!) but being that I am currently on a break from school, it seems like a good time to pick up where I left off! I gave the blog a little makeover!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I have been as obsessed as ever with Pinterest lately, and have really been inspired by some of the quotes I've pinned. Sometimes I find that they cause my mood to do a complete 180 and my whole day turns around (for the better!!).

I've decided to create a quote series on the blog, in which I will post my favorite quotes for inspiration! I hope you enjoy, and please leave any suggestions in the comments!

Hopefully by sharing some little bits of inspiration every once in a while, your days will be brightened!

Here is the first quote of the series:

For more inspiration, check out my board {inspire} on Pinterest!!

xoxo, Lauren